Spoiling Kids and Yet Not Aware? Is that you?

When it comes to exhibiting love, most parents have the best ways to flit around the same. Some believe that parenting itself is a feeling that lets you understand how beautiful love can be. The crazy cries of an infant, the innocent smile of a baby and the silly chuckles of a toddler—all make you fall in love with being a kid.

The Way You Parent Matters

As time marches ahead, new parents especially experience a common problem—of giving their kid/s excess. Now, it is easy to blame the parent for having given a kid so much. The problem is much more deep-rooted though.

When you are a parent, the one instinct that dominates you is to say yes to most demands of your kids. This almost comes as an answer to the fact that you yourself must have had heard more refusals as you grew up. The psychological boost of saying yes to a child’s demands makes a parent find peace. The same is akin to a pat on the back saying that as a parent, you are able to meet the child’s needs.

The Paradox That Matters

The paradox that puzzles us comes right here. We fail to realise that using this style

Are you spoiling your kid
Are you spoiling your kid? Credit

might make the kids beehive that they have access to everything. This results in them becoming much spoilt. Therefore, I always think that most parents spoil their kids without actually being aware of the same.Another plain that parent has to be on as a couple is that of taking a stand. You cannot have diverse stands as parents. As a mum, even if does not always agree with my father, as a present—I should, parenting is a team effort and when you look for the right parenting tips, you need to realise that coming across as a unit is more effective for the kids.

Make sure you set limits in parenting. Affordability and budgeting have nothing with parenting. Ensure that your child gets the message on how much is acceptable. Showing off that you can afford to give him/her, a lot of things is foolhardiness. Your kid must be made to feel the value of things, he/she is finally allowed!

Always remember that your kid has to have the realisation that he is not always allowed tantrums. Find a consistent line that your kid really understands and obeys. Check out how over-indulgent you sure. Make sure that your child does not turn into someone, who does not have a healthy friend circle. These could be sure-fire signs that your kid is becoming spoilt—and this stands rooted in your own behaviour somewhere down the line! Love your child, pamper him too but never let him dominate over your NO-s and your lines!


  1. Well said..sometimes I m also not aware that I m spoiling my boy..Now I keep this in my mind.. “Love your child, pamper him too but never let him dominate over your NO-s and your lines”..Thank u


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