STEM -ing Childhoods – What Moms think these days about STEM learning

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STEM -ing Childhoods – What Moms Think These Days About STEM Learning

While we talk about developing strong roots in our kids, we often ignore the stem bit of early childhood development. All the pun apart, a parent needs to understand that STEM learning is now a vital bit of #ECD that cannot be ignored. Additionally, with the hullabaloo around STEM toys, videos and so much popularity, STEM learning is one thing you can’t distance your child from.

For understanding how easily STEM can find a way into interactive or imaginative play, check these tweets and videos. 


We caught up with two Smarty Moms who we think are bridging the gap between parenting and effective parenting pretty effectively. Let’s see how these smarty moms are implementing such stuff for better early childhood development and effective parenting.

Here’s what Vidhi Duggal has to say-

“STEM is important because science, technology, engineering and mathematics are present in every sphere of our daily life. STEM-based education and activities help in reducing the gap between the theoretical ways of teaching and practical implementation of these subjects. STEM activities help in making these subjects more interesting for children.

I try to implement STEM learning by planning and creating various activities for teaching different concepts to my children. I believe in giving them more hands-on experience for learning rather than theoretical learning. I plan an activity every day for every concept and involve my children actively with me in performing those activities.” Read: SKParenting Sizzlers with Vidhi Duggal


Doc mommy Amrita Basu Misra says

“STEM is in, is an understatement. STEM was always in, we just didn’t know what to call it. When you follow a child-led learning process that’s STEM.

When you help make your child a little explorer, that’s STEM education. Some children will be born with a higher innate intelligence. But the early environment, parental education and interest in child go a long way of improving various skills in children. The importance here is to make children learn by exploring.”

Here’s how she started with Pre STEM-

“From the time my daughter was two years old she used to help me water the plant. This little munchkin has never taken a flower off a plant or torn a leaf. She knows how much to water and how to talk to the plants. At any moment she can tell you names of all the flowers in the garden. She also knows that plants release oxygen when they have sunlight and water. It is oxygen that helps us live. The easiest way to help children intellectually stronger is to let them be curious. Nature helps you do just that. I started my daughter’s education with nature. I believe there’s no better teacher than Mother nature.” Read: SKParenting Sizzlers with Dr Amrita Basu



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