About Aurius Guran

Aurius Guran Smarty Kids ParentingAurius Guran is a 3-year-old kid (2017). He born and brought up in Melbourne, Australia. His parents hail from India and have been living in Australia since 2010. At a very young age, Aurius has found his deep interest in learning multiple talents in Social Communication and Academic Learning with great assistance from us, his parentsWhile our unique parenting has provided the necessary & subtle push to his endeavours.

We’d rather not want to say that his development owes its success to a Natural Born God Gift, and instead, we claim it as a Self-Motivated Mortal Ambition. That’s what most people refuse to concur with in case of prodigies. When people meet Aurius, they all affirm with the idea that his Cognitive Skills and Inquisitive Approach cannot be a gift of God instead they’re carefully inculcated talents based on Discovery and Analysis.

Aurius at an age of 2 years 2 months could count in ‘Mandarin’ Chinese (Popular Business Language which is slowly getting traction Worldwide as the next Global Language of Future after English). He could spell more than 150 English Words (Watch here) and had a vocabulary of more than 700 English Words then, which is continuously growing. These words not only include the regular communication terms, but also complex words which for the level of his age are way too advanced.

The curiosity of finding reason in everything has led Aurius to find education in tiniest of the daily activities; which everyone else might miss easily.

His reasonable quest has led him to learn about many Celestial Bodies in our Solar System and with their special features.

Being a savant at such a tender age, he can also reverse count in Victorian English from 1000 to 0 and can also identify flora-fauna (fruit and vegetables) of 70+ different kinds (Watch here). He can also differentiate between 15-25 different shades of Colors and by colors, we do not mean Common Colors but shades of them Cyan, Royal Blue, Grey, and more (Watch here). Well before he turned 3, Aurius started reading English Books

Besides these material interests, the kid has got a deep affinity for languages. He constantly aims at developing Multi-Lingual Skills in Indian Languages like Hindi and Gujarati and as mentioned above has unscathed liking for the English language.

Being pre-schooled at home the kid also likes to play Hide and Seek, loves to somersault on the couch or bed, and also loves gorging as many flavors of Ice- Cream that he may find, without nuts though 🙂 

He’s very jovial and welcoming in terms of interactions with strangers and loves to talk with them. Most of it is maybe because he’s always very keen about showcasing his skills. Every time he learns something new, he’d go about practicing it in various applications and telling others about it. All his qualities are unmatched, compared to his gullible, cuddle-friendly and enthusiastic chirps that he carries around with all his innocence throughout the day.

He’s still developing on his reading & Speaking Hindi Skills. He is also on a journey to read at least a 1000 English-kids-books before he starts schooling. He has recently developed an interest in Human Anatomy (not the advanced one, but basic questions about body parts) and he is also showing interest in taking up Swimming this summer in Australia.

We’ve come a long way, from a country where education standards are still not as advanced as they should be. And we are always proud of the example, that Aurius has the potential to set for everyone. For all we can say, he’s like any other kid; with parents who’ve chosen to follow his inquisitions a little more desperately than others.

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