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Kids Parenting Tips Workshops

Aurius is an Inspiration

Aurius is an inspiration and it is fun to watch him. The tips and tricks are extremely useful to make learning fun for my child. Also, I liked how candid the...

Impressed with Aurius’ fluency

Impressed with Aurius' fluent language speaking skills. He seems more refined than so much more kids at his age. How did you manage this?

When I talked to teachers

When I talked to teachers about improving my kid's vocab, all they told me was there's lots of time for that. Now that I see Aurius, I believe, I need to...

Are you coming to India soon

Are you coming here anytime soon? Teach my kids to sit in a place as I cannot teach, please. Aurius is so calm and composed. Is this even possible?

Your website is better than

SKP website is so much better than reading any book. It gives me access to Aurius's videos too!

Want to learn your tricks

We want to learn your tricks so that our son learns to actually utilize his pre-school days.

SKP will hit the popular meter

I guess that SKP will hit the popular meter on launch since your ideas are so relatable and results come in for sure.

SKP useful guide for me

Smarter kids can be made with the right guidance. SKP could be a useful guide for me.

Loved your approach to parenting

Loved your approach to parenting in your blogs. Makes me actually wonder how I can improve. Very keen to attend your workshop.

You make me hope for so much

I wish I can get my little one to simply sit and write numbers! You make me hope for so much more after introducing me to Aurius.

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