Proof of Concept

One thing that we can be sure of is if parents abide by our all suggestions and we can’t emphasize enough ‘if they maintain the innocence of Parenthood all through the way’, then Children are meant to have the best growth experience that they could have.

By the end of it, they’d be excited and impatient to learn and participate more.

As for the proof that it works, let’s take a look at some actual examples first, the ones that lie at the heart of the very idea of Parenting.

László Polgár (Hungarian chess teacher)

He is the father of the “Polgár sisters” who were Chess Prodigies. Two out of his three children; Zsófia, and Judit became the world’s best Women Chess Players in later years of their life.

László trained his children from a very young age so as to imbibe in them early cognitive skills. He is the pioneer, who has proven the theory that he himself had come up with a long time ago “Geniuses are made…. not born”.

Kautilya Pandit (Haryana, India)

In India, Kautilya Pandit is a fine example of the micro-parenting style which had been inculcated into their family from his grandfather Jaikishan Sharma. Sharma took the initiative of catering to the intellectual and developmental cravings of the child; and moved them to the right direction with the first trainer of Kautilya, lecturer Sushil Rawal.

Today he is a subject of research at Kurukshetra University and the University of London– while still growing day by day; keeping his interests focused on geography and social sciences.

Alma Deutscher (England, United Kingdom)

A 12-year-old World Music Festival featured composer who opened the festival in 2015 with a beautiful version of Composition ‘Cinderella’. When it comes to taking bold and ideological decisions Deutscher family is the one people can learn from. Deutscher Parents took Alma off school and home-schooled her after realizing that at the age of 6 years she could read music, annotations, but could not identify a person from person. They started teaming the music education with academic education, and that too at home itself.

Today the girl knows all Mozart’s compositions, has been honored by Juilliard Conservatory and fluently debates about the compositions and Contemporary music at public shows. She has simply outgrown the girl who could not even start school properly to a glorious example of being a savant and being academically educated at the same time.


Because her parents didn’t rely on education as it is prevalent in society but they took to themselves the responsibility of Early Development of their child secluding her from any possible cacophony that rot learning offered.

In our own case, we have talked with parents and assisted them with their parenting and Early Child Education, which has led to similar results like Aurius. Parents have claimed that with our intervention their kids were able to show phenomenal interest in learning and their development has been exponentially accelerated. It is not that we are making a blind shot based on our individual results with Aurius, we have the trust of some parents to back us, who’ve consulted with us in past.

Examples can be found everywhere for parenting is the reason for raising the most glorious prodigies of the world. It all depends on how we take in that what is evident; we can either make it a benchmark and try to follow it or innovate to idealize the concept. Parenting needs no proof to show that it is the reason why children become what they are.

How can we say this?

It is not our word that you should adhere to, it is the researches done in this field of Early Age Development.

Therefore, we look to the researches done by Harvard University ( which has a dedicated Centre for Developing Child for such studies. The InBrief Series ( of Summaries and White Papers have suggested that the ability to measure the Child Development matrices is based on the Synapse Count in the brain which is maximum in number and minimum in complexity for any Human being till the age of first 28 months. This is the time till when one learns the best and almost makes ones, all perception about life and what goes into it.

Other examples include the UNICEF study for Early Child Development ( which keeping in mind the Third World Countries; dilutes the definition a bit but still emphasizes greatly on the need of every nation to develop their gene pool with these practices for times to come.

The Science of Early Child development is not the only factor for answering the questions, in the true sense they are theoretical interpretations of a Child’s brain and it is functioning.

All of it has been evident since the beginning of time and humanity, but still, we will be happy to answer any more queries regarding the proof of our Parenting Concepts.