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June 20, 2018
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Welcome Parents to Smarty Kids Parenting! Great to see you here. This clearly shows your intention that you too, like other successful parents want to


Early Childhood Development

The new buzz on the block.

You get to be parents as soon as you give birth to a bundle of joy. However, that might not gear you up to perfectly face the challenges of parenting. Adding to the pressure of parenting comes the fact that the concept of parenting has no set thumb rules. At least Rocket science has the formula to crack. What do we parents have as a benchmark? Only instances, past examples and what we draw upon!

These again—do NOT guarantee anything. You could hit a six or draw a level—the game of parenting only gets tougher as your child grows. Smarty Kids Parenting believes in letting you know how to get parenting right and effective. With our go-to resources, insights and practical doses of advice, parenting becomes a tad bit happier, healthier and awesome! We are here to share what we have learned and maybe learn a thing or two from parents around.



At Smarty Kids Parenting,


  • We have tried an altogether unique approach of Interactive and Logical Stress-Free Effective Parenting ourselves that start everything early.
  • Yes. We involve off-the-charts childhood milestones and techniques for early development for a child along with the habit of involving a parenting goal for the early years.
  • Yes. We believe that parenting is a myth of ideology only and we plan to get it to mean effective parenting.
  • Our techniques directly amount to a different childhood in making–that stretches out all the way till Adulthood. Begin with early childhood development is our crux. 


What Fuels Us?

Being parents to a lovely child, Aurius Guran, we Myra and Sanjeev Kumar function as a team, but are, as ‘usual’ as you!

But then…our experiences in effectively parenting our child through his early age development years (that is still on) have been enlightening in ways unimaginable to regular parents. 

Early Childhood Development  (ECD) is not just some organisational goal. It is a true blue ocean and counter-intuitive concept. And surprisingly, even you and I can take it up while honing our parenting skills.

Having studied and practised our different style of Parenting with Aurius, Myra and I realized that Intellectual Development is something which starts before School and Classes where we send our children to learn what everybody learns.

We have helped numerous parents and found phenomenal results with our theories and practices to indulge their kids more into the field of Early Learning.

With so much done, we feel there is a lot more we would like to share with the world. And bang on, our idea for workshops rank at the top. 

We believe in workshops that enliven the concept of Intellectual Development. All this because every child deserves something edgy, while every parent deserves a bit more comfort.

We are interested in providing tools and techniques developing in your child the virtues of INTELLECT, COGNITION, CONCENTRATION, AGILITY, MORALITY, AND INQUISITIVE CURIOSITY.

Aurius has developed a whole lot with such efforts.

We are of the view that all kids can be similarly honed.

We are here to make it happen.


What’s Innovative At SKP? 

We do not offer run-of-the-mill advice. We share experiences and educative concepts that will make you-

  • Manage your child temper
  • Learn to deal with your child’s varied interests and moods
  • Able to handle your child’s negativities
  • Building a positive parenting attitude
  • Develop interests and concentration in your child
  • Learn tactics that let you provide more scope to your child

We provide exclusive insight into the field of parenting that builds an environment for your children so that they may have strong learning roots before they could set out for common idea of Educational Development.

Who’s Our Focus?

It is you, fellow parents! Kids relate to and answer to the parents as an authority figure. We are here to improvise their development via this authority. We are here to shape and mould this interaction in the best way possible. Ours is not the idea to curtail any part of the childhood, which makes it a milestone-accomplishing checklist.

Our idea is to keep the bond of Child and Parent intact– make it stronger, while maintaining all the fun of Childhood.

SKP Offers More Than Just Workshops. We offer-

  • Seamless parenting motivation
  • Parenting advice laced with insights
  • Pragmatic tips that actually work

We almost religiously practice and preach that

“Every child is capable of great things.”

Disclaimer: Smarty Kids Parenting team and its founders do not promise to any parents that they can achieve the same results (as with Aurius Guran) with their kids. In fact, your kid may even do better than Aurius depending on your implementation. Please note each parent and each kid is different that leads to myriad permutations and combinations. We do not believe in comparing kids.

When we say – Every kid has great potential. No doubt it is true, because every child is special in some way. However, at the moment, we do not have resources and capabilities to assist less fortunate kids. We humbly ask your forgiveness.