Frequently Asked Questions


We do not imply that you are currently not equipped enough for parenting or you are not self-reliant now, but with our help be a bit more rationale.

We have you sorted. Your common doubts, questions, and curiosity will stand answered here. The section gives you insight into our goals, thoughts and a teaser into what our reading and workshop materials would be like. Come on — tag along.

Most of our beliefs are based on the awareness and understanding of both Down Under and India, ethnic variations and varied demographics. These tinge our parenting ideas with diversity.


1. When should I start planning and learning about parenting? Should I even do this at all?

With changing times, concepts that appear on the block might seem known, however, parenting becomes a bit difficult to understand without the right knowledge. SKParenting believes that you are already smart. We just want to add the smarter tag when it comes to parenting. NO effort is futile and when you tap us as a resource to understand possible depths of parenting, your journey towards self-betterment only takes off. Family planning is a much talked about, relevant and significant topic that even families talk together about. However, in the age of neo-natal or pre-natal yoga classes, why would parenting classes be a bad choice?

First 8 years of life are very crucial for CHILDREN

These early years sets the base or fundamentals for the kid. Now in this long journey of parenting, it all comes down to fellow parents

“You do it today or You do it later”

Because sooner or later you will have to emphasize on the things that Early Childhood Development (ECD) emphasizes on. 

Knowing about varied approaches to parenting only eases your way forward. You will benefit by learning that even parenting is a skill and SKParenting helps improve the skill with its classes. Read more at Proof of Concept


2. I’ve heard so much about the kinds of Parenting Styles. What kind of Parenting Style do your Training and Coaching adhere to?

We believe in preaching stuff that can be practiced. We do not believe in handing out lengthy materials. We offer advice that is founded on the basis of possible issues new-age parents face. We have Indian values at our core while seamlessly being recipient to more Western ideas; thanks to our global exposure and experience in Australia— our country of work!


3. What kind of training is it then, if not a classroom style or curriculum-based training?

Very different from what the other seminars have to offer. Ours is interactive, give and take workshops. Ours is the module that enhances the parenting experience. SKParenting is not a parenting style, but a process, which makes us unique in the parenting industry.


4. How do you claim to be the best in the industry? What is so unique that you offer than rest?

We’re parents ourselves—that comes first. We have seen diversified values, problems, and issues—thanks to our countries of birth and residence! Also, we are parents to Aurius, whom we have tried to teach stuff that is considered slightly unconventional. Having seen two different worlds, clubbed with seeing newer approaches to parenting as well as implementing them, SKParenting is well-grounded to mete out advice that is relatable, implementable, and worthwhile.

We share experiences and in this process, try to learn a thing or two from parents. Many kids (at least up to the age of 7-8 years) have already been benefitted from this process and their parents are very happy with the outcome.


5. How much time would it take me to be self-reliant in parenting and providing my child with the requisite environment to build on?

There will honestly be no point of time in your whole life when you could stop learning about how should a son or daughter be managed. However, you can choose to start evolving on your own without any assistance or with little assistance.


6. Can these Courses be done through Distance Learning or Online Interactive Sessions or is the Personal Interaction necessary?

Personally, we believe that Personal Interaction helps a lot in sharing the observations and bonding of Parent with Child and with Us. It also helps in many other ways like accountability and developing observational insights. However, there is no preset module methodology available for Distance Training now, but one can be formulated based on Requests.


7. Do you also provide parenting training for teenage and adolescent or do you cater to only newborn and early age development of toddlers?

Most of our training and consultation has been developed for Early Age Childhood Development (ECD) and Very Early Childhood Education (VECE). However, considering our success with our son, Aurius, over the last 3 years; we have a laid out a plan for his future as well. This plan although experimental is deep researched and analyzed for success. Thus, we don’t see any reason to stop at just the toddler level and we will sure to have modules in place for Pre-Teens or Tweens, Teenage and Adolescence as well, but in future.


8. How are we going to know if we’re accidentally pushing the kid a bit further than usual while trying to maintain the training lessons?

We’ll help you with the methodologies, which we have ourselves practiced with Aurius. These methods have successfully helped us in developing confidence that at no point is any of our practice harsh or endangering to the agile kid. These will be discussed in our sessions and consultations exclusively.


9. What will be the average duration of SKP workshops?

To formally begin with, we are doing a day workshop that involves interactive components, fresh-off-the-block activities, and discussions. Later, based on demand and connectivity with our audiences, SKParenting plans to take bigger leaps into planning longer workshops-cum-events with both parents and kids. Personally, we believe 2.5 days long workshops will benefit a lot.


Disclaimer – We are not medical practitioners or legal counsellors. Please do not expect from us anything regarding medical, legal or anything circumstantial to your personal pursuits regarding your children. What we can offer and what you should be looking for from us is how to make early childhood development (ECD) more effective by including very early childhood education (VECE). SKParenting promises you strong leads in this direction. Happy parents and Happy parenting mean HAPPIER Children.


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