Good Parents’ Logbook- Self Destructive Habits To Drop Today – Part 2

Self Destructive Habits To Drop Today – Part 2

Glad that you liked Part 1 of Self Destructive Habits to Drop. Going further…

Taking Things For Granted

Another top self-destructive habit is that you might just be taking everything for granted. From the most important priorities in life to the one you love—taking all that you hold dear as something you deserve is not worth encouragement. By this, we do not mean that you must have low self-worth. Then again, simply thinking that something you have is there because you are good enough for it makes no sense. This renders a sense of taking everything for granted. The moment you start doing that, you begin to devalue everything that you have. Make sure you make efforts to preserve what you have. You need to know that nothing lasts forever and therefore, what you have in this lifetime needs cherishing and keeping. The fact here is that your lifetime is known by how well you live it. This does not mean that you will have to sing or write odes to things you hold near to heart. This means that unless you give up your habit of taking things for granted, you really will have no way out to make it big in life.

Having An Air

Some parents tend to appear more down to earth than others. This is not because they have lesser to worry about but this is because they are more satiated with their own kids. Having an air around yourself is the worst you could do when it comes making a mark on your kid. This is one of the most common self-destructive habits that you need to drop like a bomb. This quality makes you appear roguish, worse in front of others, less confident and a prude of sorts. Having an air is never well appreciated and often leads to a superiority complex of sorts.

Lack of Clarity

You always need to have a clear stance of what your limits are in life when it comes to rearing your kids. The habit of getting swayed by every other opinion, by any other person and with every little bit of an issue is something that will cripple your personality forever. You have to stop the habit that entails you to become a weaker parent. Lack of clarity about principles and goals in life can only mar your prospects. Life is much more than just surviving. It is about developing a way that is charming not only for you but also for others!

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