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Way back in the cycle of time, life was simple. You lived simple, you thought simple and you loved simplicity in anything. With changing times, came the concept of being different, being at the top and being the best — even when it meant being complicated. In such times, a Mother Duck gave birth to her baby duckling. She provided the baby duckling all the luxury and resources she could manage. Mother Duck would take pride in all the compliments her baby would receive from fellow Duck moms. Her baby was the star of their beautiful pond and Mother Duck shone with the light of this star. After seeing the other Mother Ducks put their babies into a bigger pond, the Mother Duck also thought that her baby duckling deserved a far better environment.

The duckling was put into a bigger pond with more ducklings of her age. Gradually, her performance started going down. The baby duckling was now more demanding and lost her temper every now and then. Mother Duck was puzzled. Over the years, not even once had her baby been so poor as a performer or so stubborn either. She cajoled the latter and even scolded her. She even hired a duck tutor for the duckling to put her back on track. However, even this did not work.

Then one day, the Duckling refused to be part of the pond. She wanted a lake for her, she said, “Lakes are cleaner and will make me swim more freely.”

This time Mother Duck lost her mind. She scolded and punished the baby duckling. She even attended meetings with the other Mother Ducks around. Some suggested in the favour of the lake while some were against the move. The mother duck was further confused. She could not understand what the issue was with her duckling.

However, the Duckling seemed so rigid that she stopped swimming well, interacting with others and even avoided learning new things.

At last, Mother Duck had to shift away to a Lake to pacify the little one’s demand. She lost her confidence, her zeal and fought the Duckling’s excess demands and underperformance daily.

She often thought, what have I done wrong? 

I gave her the best. 

Why did she not make the best out of it?

The journey and the wandering thoughts of Mother duck resonate with what you and I might have thought at some point during our parenting journeys.

Do you wish your child had more depth as she grew?

Do you wonder if a branded school is enough to make your child a person of real worth? 

Do you believe that the best resources are always those that come with glam and hefty price tags or a trending factor?

If you are hesitant, yet want to nod yes, don’t worry. There are thousands who feel the same. As parents, most of us feel that access to excess and the best get our children far. Then again, we forget that nothing comes with a guarantee, especially when your child is exposed to a lively external environment.

Real parenting means effective parenting clubbed with all-inclusive early childhood development. 

Have you ever thought to provide these to your child?

“We are doing everything, he just doesn’t concentrate enough,” says the teachers at the PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting), and when you quiz them about how your genius at Montessori child is now an average scorer by 4th Standard.

Wake up, parents.

Perhaps you are parenting the best way, but not the Smart & Effective way. 

That’s why we come all the way from Melbourne, Australia to the land of colour, India. 

Smarty Kids Parenting Is Your Guide

Our workshops focus on Early Childhood Development using simple yet very effective hands-on parenting skills. 

Explore, Identify, Nurture – your child’s potential. Don’t forget to Google/YouTube “Aurius Guran” for more insight. 


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