Why Your Child Needs To Have A Conversation And Not Hear Complaints?

There have been tons of books, guides, tips, and chats about how to get parenting right. Until, a few months ago, even I have gone over hordes of stuff that say how you must cater to your kid and how you must handle situations with kids. Easy though such expert advice sounds, implementing such hacks are nigh impossible. For instance, when you read about how a hubby could help by regularly fixing the child’s morning meal, you fail to realise that the late-night job duties might actually cause him to sleep late. Does that mean your child will have to go hungry? Well, you must actually absorb the fact that parenting needs you to be flexible.

Get Strict—But Unlike in The Past

Right from the child’s routine to the child’s issues—there will arise newer situations every other day, which you will have to find spot-on solutions for. Parenting Needs You to Be FlexibleNo matter how you bring your child up, you will always be daunted by the prospect that you receive a negative feedback.  The other day I received a note from my daughter’s class teacher saying that she got too jittery on being scolded for forgetting her song-diary at school.

Modern mums are facing this one common problem. The ability to be traditionally strict with children has made kids franker than before. However, it has eroded their ability to digest punishment or rude scolding. The only solution to this problem lies in keeping an open mind as a parent and approaching your child with a fresh perspective. You have to discipline the child yes—without hurting her feelings or without stamping upon her childish sense of self-respect.

Yes, My Child Has Self-Respect Too

I thoroughly believe that a child above five years will have a sense of place and will not want to be chided just about any place. The balance in modern-day parenting comes from the realisation that complaints are not to be taken as an end to the world. These are actually modes that allow free conversation.

Talking to my daughter about why she fared badly in a unit test revealed a problem in her grasping few subject-based concepts. It was not carelessness or talkativeness that made her make a bad deal off the paper. Parents today have to know that conversations lead to greater good. Unless you talk to your child about why she/he faltered—giving them the respect to express their thoughts—you will never be able to get to the root of a problem.

Similarly, you will have to know that judging a child or comparing her to someone else could be a bane in her development. For instance, I never ask how much her best friend got in a class test since I dread the comparisons that my mind might impulsively process.

Bloom up Your Relationship

Ask more than blame. Allow your child to express, more than assuming a response. Converse instead of complaining. These actually forms a stronger base for your child. This also ensures a healthy bedrock for the foundation of your relationship with your kid!


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