Understanding Parenting Before Planning it

So you must be willing to learn some parenting hacks or gain insight from a fellow parent, to get better at bringing your kids up? Why else would you land here? Well now that I know what you might be looking for; let me brief up on what an average parent today thinks about parenting.

Understanding Parenting Before Planning it

There is no definition of what or how exactly parenting is. Something is ideal for someone and something else works for another. Honestly, you have to be a good learner in order to be a good teacher. When I had been planning a kid—I always thought of making a particular way I would want to have with him/her. Understanding parenting is important—yes, but I feel I got on the wrong foot, given that tried to frame up a system for someone who was meant to be free.

Being Sensitive Towards your Kid

The first thing to consider is that you cannot set a cage for your kid. Yes, you can have limits—you can be strict but you will have to participate in these with him/her. If I ground my child, I can’t go along have a kitty party right that day. When my child would be sobbing, I cannot expect to pamper someone else’s kid with treats. As a parent, I intend to make myself feel bad about my child’s mistakes first. Perhaps, only then, I can take up the strength to ensure my kid does not falter along the same wrongs.

Can I Ensure Control?

The most complex thing I have felt about parenting is controlling my own kid. Of course, as a parent, it just seems easy to be able to say no and control a whim. In reality, the smallest tantrums such as the nag for a pencil box made me have to stand at a shop and sweat it out and get embarrassed. At the end, most of us would give in to the kid and purchase what he/she wants to finish the uneasy situation. This is one area I want to tackle before going wrong. Telling the child no and sticking to it is a vital part of parenting. Moreover, we have to UNDERSTAND this.

Access to Excess

As parents, I believe, you and I need to create the right balance wherein kids are allowed freedom yet they do not mis-utilize the same. Give them all the scope to enjoy, play around and even spend—but make sure you do not allow them access to excess.

As an example, when your child needs money for a fete, give him/her ample so that there is no peer-comparison but educate him/her to understand how to spend wisely. Keeping off the pressure of competition and comparison is more vital to parenting right than you expected.

Understand how far you can go. Just because we turn parents, does not give us the right to forget how a kid wants to live life.


  1. It’s good and very helpful…specially “access to excess”..with growing kid we always face such kind of conditions day to day. Sometimes we never think about this small things but it’s make big impact of yr child behaviour..Thanks to “smarty kids parenting” team to aware me, guide me..Good job, Keep going. All the best.


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