Why Moms and Supermoms Have a Thin Line?

The idea of being extremely good at something entails the use of the word super. Now, over time, our superheroes have diversified into being normal people instead of flying peeps with a cloak. While we mean no offense to the Marvels superheroes, gradually we have all realized that our moms are the best superheroes we know. 

Difference between Mom and Supermoms

As a modern mother in 2017, there are tons of things to balance. How often are you messed and heckled with duties and to-do’s that are lying around simply without any completion? Well, for me the answer is—very often! In addition, when you are almost in tears owing to too much stress and a cranky kid—the most important thing you want is some kind of super-power.

How Tough Is Earning The Supermom Tag?

Is being a mom and supermom that tough? We love our celebrity mommies and consider them supermoms. However, I believe this to be one thought that needs to be done away with. Somebody having a PR team, a biggie nutritionist and a bigger stylist backing their every move—seems to have more resources than you and me at least. Their wealth; profession and priorities make them superb. However, managing equally huge tasks is indeed tough when it comes to doing it all-ALONE.

As a supermom, I will look to find time for a nap even after doing assignments, balancing kids’ homework and having a date with my hubby. For all those without kids, these might not be Herculean tasks but once you become a frenzied mom—the simplest of pleasures become a tough nut to crack. For any average working mom—the usual day begins with the buzz of the alarm and that gets you going. Snoozing does not work when you want to be a supermom. Making the easiest poha recipes seem like a task from Hell as the kids crank up to the maximum.

Craving For Just The Basics

Moreover, you have your hubby to help, your clients to answer or a boss who has just caught you off guard. These small daily tasks appear so tough that life makes you question how worthy it is.

Yet you and I take all of this in and move on to close our day. Only to let the routine start back on again! When you have a newborn, the supermom tag comes when you manage to change nappies, feed, take a bath yourself and manage to look fresh. That radiance is the mark of being supermom. When you have a toddler—controlling his/her pranks and getting ready for dropping off pre-school makes you a supermom. As time goes by, priorities with kids change. This transition and adjustability to it make you a supermom. You do not have to have makeup on and be on Skype all the time to make yourself successful at work after becoming a mom. You just have to balance life as per priorities. Being ordinary is easy. Being extraordinary only needs some clever balancing. Learning to balance is the first lesson of motherhood. Therefore, the line between moms and supermoms is thin—as thin as the air you breathe!


  1. Absolutely agree with your thoughts, and I want to add one more thing parenting or raising kids is not a competition or rat race. it should be a beautiful journey and we should try to enjoy each moment of it. Being a Mom is the most precious gift of God, then why we need to run behind a super mom tag?

  2. I like the tone of your post, Surbhi. Managing all the tasks alone is being a supermom and not having a team of people around you. Once a PR praised my blog asking am I doing it all by myself or do I have a team? When she got to know that I am a mom of two kids, live in a joint family and keep my blog updated, she was taken aback. And i got my tag of being a supermom.


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