SKParenting Sizzlers with Vidhi Duggal

SKParenting Sizzlers with Vidhi Duggal

Name: Vidhi Duggal

Designation: Stay at Home mom and Blogger

Blog Name: Luminosity

Parent to: Kashvi 9- and Yashvi 3-year-old

Family Details: I live in a nuclear family with my husband and two daughters who constitute my whole world.

Background: I have worked as a makeup artist and hairstylist in my mother’s salon for nearly 10 years. After my marriage, I started teaching in primary classes. My love for doing makeups compelled me to work in my salon side by side. I gave up my work completely after the birth of my younger one. Now, I am a stay at home mom devoting my full time to look after my kids.

I started blogging 2 years back. Writing and sharing stories that touched my heart; parenting tips which helped me evolve and grow as a better parent each day. Parenting is something we learn only after becoming a parent, we make mistakes, learn, grow and evolve which is the best part of this journey.

SKP Q1. How do you split parenting duties?

Vidhi: I am a stay at home mom, so I perform all the duties for my kids. My husband has long working hours and reaches home late at night. But whatever time he gets, he tries to make the most out of it by playing, talking and helping them in their studies. He makes it a point to take the kids out on weekends. He shares a very open and loving bond with the kids where they confide in him everything they feel like.

SKP Q2. What top five values do you feel most compelled to instil in your kids?

Vidhi: The top five virtues which I try to instil in my kids are:

  • Empathy – The best virtue is to put yourself in other’s shoes which is important to gain a better understanding of yourself and others. Being sensitive to others and knowing that others also feel pain, joy, shame, sorrow and fear is a very important trait.
  • Humility – It is very important to think of ourselves as equal to others. A humble attitude helps a lot in keeping ourselves happy and be satisfied with whatever life has to offer us. They should also learn that in order to gain anything in life, they have to put in a lot of effort.
  • Be able to stand up for themselves – One very important virtue to learn is to choose the right path which is led by truth and honesty and be strong enough to stand by themselves in order to tread that path despite all the obstacles and opposition they might have to face.
  • Respect for others – If they want to gain respect for themselves, they must learn to give respect first. Respecting their elders, listening and obeying them is another very important virtue.
  • Self-sufficient – Being self-sufficient is also very important to learn. If they are strong and self-sufficient, they would not need to ask anything to anyone and will always be able to lead their lives with their head held high on their shoulders.

SKP Q3. How do you believe other people see your kids? How do you feel about others’ opinion on your kids?

Vidhi: I have never paid any heed to what other’s think of my children because it is only me who knows their true calibre and innate qualities. It does not matter to me how other’s perceive them for my belief in them is what matters the most for me and for them.

SKP Q4. In what ways have your kids exceeded your expectations?

Vidhi: My kids have very often exceeded my expectations. If once my daughter makes a mistake and understands what she had done wrong, she not only improves but makes sure not to commit the same mistake again. Also, if by chance she gets lesser marks in her assessments, she makes sure to work hard and gets highest marks on the same subject the next time.

SKP Q5. In what ways do you feel disappointed by your children and what have you learnt from this?

Vidhi: I feel disappointed when my kids misbehave with me or with anyone else but then I realise that somewhere it’s me who has to convey the message clearly to them or there has been some sort of communication gap which due to which they are behaving in that way. Then, I try to explain to them clearly what has been told to them and what they are expected to do. I also try to listen to them calmly which helps us a lot.

SKP Q6. What is your greatest area of weakness as a parent?

Vidhi: My greatest area of weakness is that I am short-tempered and get impatient. I have acknowledged my shortcomings and am trying my best to improve them.

SKP Q7. What is your greatest area of strength as a parent?

Vidhi: I give my kids enough space to explore and learn out of their abilities. I also give them a chance to fail, learn, grow and evolve. I keep pushing them but also make sure to stand with them in all their endeavours.

Vidhi’s Review of : 

Vidhi: It is a wonderful venture. The videos of Aurius’ are very inspiring and motivating. It shows that if a child is given an environment of learning with encouragement and stimulation, the child can easily reach his full potential. Teaching the way a child learns is the best way to help a child learn various concepts and make learning fun for him.


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