Why Are Parent-Child Bonds Way Above Mamma’s Boy and Daddy’s Girl Clichés?

Across cultures and continents, the general notion about relationships with parents hinges around the point that boys tend to be closer to their moms while the daughters are generally the father’s princesses. While thousands of books, movies and discussions having promoted (we use this word consciously) the notion, it is the time that we break away from the cliché and explore the truth of such bonding.

It Is All A Matter Of Phase

For starters, it needs to be noted that parent-child bonds are more often than not, characterised by phases. When we explore the gender roles a mother or a father is expected to fit into across any community or race, there always exists a phase when the mom is too busy managing the home to pay attention to the smallest girly demands from her daughter—it could be putting on makeup or buying an exact Cinderella shoe replica. Mostly, young girls have a way of throwing fits to get fanciful things and moms mostly reprimand them for their instant demand. This is when the daddy steps in and fulfils the demand as means to end his daughter’s fit! With time, more incidents occur on this scale and up until the teens, one deduces how moms do not always pamper their daughters while the papas do!

Understanding How Bonds Work

Moving on over time, moms and daughters actually form friendlier bonding. Despite the gap we talked about above, after collegiate years or so, daughters have a way of mostly never avoiding to hide their love, lives, dating secrets or even sexual issues with their mothers. This is one phase when the dad takes up a more typical role wherein he is asked for permissions for prom night or even the signature for a school trip. However, daughters generally avoid sharing their psychological issues easily with their dads. Moms tend to understand daughters as a woman and this easily proves why mom-daughter pairs are deeper friends. Dads are a cooler companion figure who might know of things from the mom though!

Coming to the equation boys share with their moms, the early childhood phase never sees boys demanding to pamper in the literal sense. They are laid back and moms find it easier to laden them with attention since their talks revolve around small issues with friends, playmates and schools. At such a time boys only begin to understand their aggression and moms are naturally tender to help them deal with these things. A father tends to get more heated up when he hears that his son has broken a rule and so on. Mothers instinctively tackle these stuff and also make better counsellor guide sons around this age.

As time passes on, guys generally develop a more friendly rapport with their dads. They gradually find similar topics to get on—sports, hobbies, adventure and so much! Moms become more of a darling as the sons grow up. They come to her for opinions in sensitive matters if the hearts—marriage and relationships for instance. However, for topics such as finances or losses in business, they tend to naturally sway along with daddy.

All said and done, it needs to be said that there is no set boundary for parent-child bonds. The clichéd paradigms are only age-old thought processes. A daughter can be momma’s fave while a son can be daddy’s best mate! It is all about love, sharing and trust more than a set statement that defines relationships.


  1. I can connect with every word you have written. We all have thoughts which are comfortable in sharing either mom or dad. Both have their own place and its time we breakaway from stereotype notions.

  2. I can connect with every word you have written. We all have thoughts which we are comfortable in sharing with either mom or dad. Both have their own place and its time we breakaway from stereotype notions.


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