SKP Q1. The idea that drives your business is awesome but what was the beginning of such awesomeness?

Brainsalt: Finance Fundas is India’s First Financial Education for K12. This unique concept uses stories, characters and examples to impart lessons on Money, Savings, Banking, Need Vs Wants, Insurance, Investments and much more. All this is designed and developed in a child-friendly methodology.

Good money habits are an important part of a good upbringing and like all good habits, the exposure to finance and money should start early in the age. Finance Fundas is designed based on guidelines by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Through various methods of implementation and a core focus on developing the sound knowledge of the formal sector, it is the most exciting way to engage a child. Finance Fundas is available in the form of a formal Curriculum, Activity-based Workshops, Storybooks, Games and Competitive Exams.

We encourage every parent and school to adopt Financial Education through Finance Fundas.

Don’t be an Anda,

Learn your Finance Fundas!

Finance Fundas is a product of Brainsalt Education. For more information, visit BrainSalt Education & SKParentingSKP Q2. Who are the names behind the venture? And why does our country need such initiatives?


Sumit Zawar
Bhawana Sharma
More details available here:

SKP Q3. What are your pillars of operation?

Brainsalt: We offer various implementation models for Financial Education

School Curriculum
Story Books for Kids
Interactive Games (Available for buying on Amazon)
Workshops and Summer Camps

SKP Q4. Tell us what the main reasons are for parents to go in for Junior Finance Whiz?

Brainsalt: Good Money practices and sound financial acumen is a necessity in today’s world. Our research shows more than 95% parents want their kids to learn good money habits but don’t know how to do it. Through JFW they will get a proper platform and guidance to teach their kids about learning good money practices.

SKP Q5. Is financial wisdom teachable?

Brainsalt: Yes, it is! Financial Wisdom is like a good upbringing. Kids will learn societal manners, life skills, communication skills etc from parents and their surroundings. Financial wisdom also needs to be taught in the same way. The how, dos and donts of good money practices can be taught just like any other good habits. Access and exposure to the right knowledge and tools will help kids make better financial decisions.

SKP Q6. Response-wise what have you got so far and what innovations are on cards?

Brainsalt: We have got a fabulous response from Parents from across India. They appreciate the fact that someone is now given a structured approach to teaching Finance to kids. They acknowledge and recommend the initiative.

In terms of Innovation, we have made the subject engaging for kids through our own Implementation model (TPACK) we use various techniques like BLOOMS, Inquiry-based learning, Thematic Integration etc to make this more relevant for the target age group.

We have also launched games that parents can buy for their kids, story books for weekend reading. These tools will create better conversations between parents and kids and give them some off-screen time.

SKP Q7. What’s your vision at this stage?

Brainsalt: We want to be the one-stop portal for all Financial Education initiatives in India. We are also developing other subjects but the focus is on creating engagement mediums that will help kids, parents and schools that bridge the gap between academics and real-world skills.

SKP Q8. Looking at Smarty Kids Parenting, what is your take on the concept? How do you think financial wisdom and education to kids is an offshoot of smart parenting?

Brainsalt: In the digital age, parents look for references for a better upbringing of their kids. They are always looking for validation and benchmarks to understand if they are giving the right kind of upbringing to their kids. So when groups like yours talk about Smart Parenting and why Financial Education is important in growing up years, it will not only resonate with the parent’s thoughts but also give them a sense of doing things right!


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