Good Parents’ Logbook – Self-Destructive Habits To Drop Today – Part 1

Self-Destructive Habits To Drop Today – Part 1

Habits make a man, they say. At least our mannerisms and daily habits define our personalities. From the best bits about us to our tantrums and also our worst habits— there is a lot that goes into making who we are and what we are. With time, we have evolved not physically, but also in terms of our mind’s balance. What we were a decade back might not really cling onto our personalities till this day. However, in order to actually make a mark and be a good parent, there are a few self-destructive habits that we need to drop today. Once these are done away with, you automatically develop an inner calm that naturally leads you forward onto the path of success.


‘Procrastination is the thief of time.’

The more you procrastinate, the worse it gets for your own sake. You need to know that delaying things for the later—unless it is for some emergency—is never good. This is a top habit of most parents and what they fail to realize throughout their lives is that such a habit actually cause losses. For instance, if you need to get a present for your kid and yet you skip setting a framework for it by morning—your entire day is set to go waste! Procrastination is a silent killer. You might actually think that delaying a matter can actually help you perform rapidly or in a jiffy. The truth is otherwise. You barely get breathing space when you are caught in the last tick of the clock. This ruins your mental peace, your overall impression to others as well as your own performance. It is not for nothing that such a habit is said to be self-destructive.


Break All Habits SKParentingNot being punctual is a self-destructive habit. And yes, this is as simple as it reads. The fact that you miss your delays make your kid miss the morning bus to school and the fact that you never have time for a proper breakfast definitely points to the fact that you are not in charge of your own self. You are letting your routine and stress dominate you to the point that you have lost track of handling time. That, folks, is what you call unpunctuality. Once you get into such a mode, the problem only persists. It gets worse with time and each moment you plan something, you end up getting nothing in return. Delays, poor results, being late—these are the outcomes of such a destructive habit. 

Part 2 – Publishing soon…


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