Best Kids Movies for Your 5-year-old to Watch

Choosing the right movies for kids might not be a cakewalk, but it just got easier with our list here. Exciting, emotional and a complete experience in itself—cinema indeed is a teacher!

Before your baby grows up too quickly and gets going on movie dates on his own, it is for you to guide him around watching the right movies.

The idea to get your little darling to watch a flick is that movies for kids not only render joy but also bring in a scope to impress upon your kid the meaning of familial bond and understanding emotions.

With this awesome compilation of best kids’ movies of all times, you stand to make watching movies a lovely experience for both your kid and yourself. Parenting becomes easy when you have such simple experiences to fall back on as an aid to child-development.

However, we assure that the list suggests neither Frozen or Tinkerbell nor Toy Story or Finding Nemo. Now, read on!

Kids Movies for 5 year old

1. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Go the old school way when it comes to making your dearest kiddy watch the best kids movies. With Pooh Bear making it so easy to explain friendship and simplicity, this Milne creation must be the beginning of all life lessons.

Hit Factor– Easy narration and endearing characters.

Lessons Learnt – Sharing and friendships.

2. Lost and Found

Penguins, especially in animated avatars, are very popular with kids. Moreover, when there is one short flick that highlights how lovely it is for a small boy to find one and be friends with it, there is bound to be no better choice of movie.

Hit Factor – Short run-time and lovely visuals will excite your child!

Lessons Learnt – Trust.

3. Bambi

Reserve this for when your kid is at least five or six years of age. A heart-aching story that even makes adults rush for tissues, Bambi makes it to this kid’s movies list plainly, because it teaches your child the meaning of relationships and community. It is a tad less jolly than the others, but then again, who wants to miss this Disney classic?

Hit Factor – Will teach your child to bond with family.

Lessons Learnt – Family and love.

4. The Red Balloon

A lovely feature-flick that will amaze your kiddo, the movie will make him curious while ensuring that he enjoys the onscreen child playing with the helium balloon. Bright and light, the movie appeals to very young children for its optimistic yet easy premise.

Hit Factor – Your child will enjoy the lovely visuals thoroughly while he excitedly gazes at the screen.

Lessons Learnt – Being happy.

5. E.T

Moving away from the cartoons and classics, E.T is one flick that will make your child wake up to the knowledge that the world is waiting to be explored. While you may have to explain the movie to him in parts, his sense of asking questions and finding out about new things will get invoked as the movie trudges along.

Hit Factor – Cute Drew Barrymore – jokes apart, the movie will make your child curious.

Lessons Learnt Imagination and inquisitiveness.

Picking the right movies for kids is tricky, but once you begin their cine-watching experience on the right note, you will be thankful for life. Go ahead and bag up the best films for kids now! After all, smart parenting is all about using commonplace stuff to enrich your child’s learning experiences.


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