Kinds Of Breast Milk Pumps

How many times have you thought of the best way to ensure your toddler is breastfed? Amid all the stress and postpartum issues you juggle, you need to ensure you breastfeed your child for perfectly healthy growth. While there are schools of thought that propound the non-compulsion of breastfeeding, we believe that picking the perfect breast pump can actually make you want to breastfeed your infant.

Make The Choice Of “Type”

Before diving into the pool of brands with awesome breast pumps make your mind up over what type of breast pump you want.

Manual Breast Milk Pumps

For those looking for a good quality breast pump on a budget, the manual pumps offer a fair deal. This comes at a lean price but never compromises on the functionality. Of course, manual pumps are soon to become decadent and are clumsy given that you need to do the hard work of pumping out. However, some mums still prefer this since they are apt for the wallet.

Electric Breast Milk Pumps

These electric breast pumps are apt for the fast women of today. These are laced with a motor and help you to be at ease while pumping milk out. The motor on the automatic or electric breast pumps eases your labour while ensuring least lactation. If you are a mum busy with working from home and juggling those office files, then these are the right fit for you. The electric pumps come in single or double electric category and score brownie points for being efficient and portable. Most run on electricity as well as batteries and save time.

Personal Breast Milk Pumps

These are meant for use by one mum, at home. Compact, portable and a budget option; this can either be the manual or electric type.

Hospital Grade Breast Milk Pumps

You need to consider if you are set to share your breast pump with someone. In that case, hospital grade breast pumps can be hired or purchased. This is because personal use pumps cannot be shared among multiple mums owing to hygiene concerns.

Ergonomically designed breast pumps are perfect for busy mommies of today. Portable, compact and light pumps can be used as well as cleaned easily. You need to pick a very classy design that allows it to sit comfortably while you attach it.


Top Brand Picks For Electric Pumps

Medela Pump In Style Advance

Thanks to the 2-Phase Expression technology inbuilt, this electric pump makes breastfeeding quick. A special Metro Bag version of the pump is available as well and the funky design makes it possible to be carried around. Buy Now

Lansinoh Affinity

With settings for suction and speed being adjustable, the breast pump runs on electricity as well as battery. The flanges are flexible and allow mommies to be comfy while using it.

Dr Brown’s Simplisse Double Electric

Invest in Dr Brown’s Simplisse Double Electric if you are all too sensitive. This is designed to cause no discomfort issues at all. The cups come laced with soft material and they are sensitive to the tongue movements of the baby. Thanks to the “Simplisse” technology, this breast pump never causes a tight pinch sensation on your breasts either.

Sail through the practical details and make your decision. With a plethora of breast pumps available on leading portals, finding the right one can indeed be a piece of cake.

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