Rearing Readers—How To Make Your Kids Take Interest In Reading?

Make kids love reading

Rearing Readers—How To Make Your Kids Take Interest In Reading?

When it comes to raising smarty kids the one thing we vouch for is that the parents have to be really smart at this age and time. No, you do not need someone with a streak of Einstein but we cannot discard research that reveals that when you read to young children and discuss the contents of a book, it comes across as the best way for increasing the IQ of your child while also instilling the love for reading in him or her.

One thing to consider while you try to practice proper breathing with your child is asking yourself if your child actually reads every day without the binder of an assignment or a project.

Reading independently or being read to does more than getting better grades in tests across all subjects and help develop more content knowledge in kids, over those who do not read on a regular basis. And gradually you hone love for reading.

A number of parents would be buying huge books for the babies and expect them to read but then that according to Annie E. Casey Foundation, just across the USA about 65% of children in Grade 4, across Public Schools were at the lower level of proficiency in the last 2 years.

In India, we found that parents are willing to make their children voracious reader because many moms were voracious readers, but then again the one block here would be that children do not understand the importance of reading and thus, do not pay ample attention. This eats away their love of reading.


Here are top tips that could inspire your kid to take up reading as something they enjoy-

Age specifics – It is never too early to read and make sure you do not just read fairy tales and bedtime. Instead of wasting a lot of money on just soft toys on educational games go ahead and invest in some books with lots of illustrations so that kids can find a connection with the contents and their age. This boosts a kid’s love for reading.

Lessons learnt – You simply have to make it a habit to implement the lessons, post reading a story or a parable. Unless you do this, your child will never get the hang of reading and will not be able to retain the real impact of the skill.

Develop the habit on a regular basis – Make sure you do not make reading a weekend-only activity. We’d rather get it promoted as a daily habit or as a matter of fact make it a ritual before dinner time.

No pushing ever – Something you will have to be very careful because once your child begins to read naturally that is where you should be satisfied with having developed a preliminary skill. However, in case you want to push your child, he or she will be feeling put out a right on the spot and will actually end up feeling dumb. This actually puts the child of reading for a long long time.

P.S.  While Kindle is a boon, we will believe that a paperback cannot be replaced with technology for children at an early age. We will talk about this sometime soon. 


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