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June 20, 2018

What makes SKParenting Concept so Unique and Different?

SKParenting Concept

SKParenting demonstrates how the challenges of parenting can be converted into blessings through our unique process. (Google: Aurius Guran)

Did you know that the first 8 years are the golden years for developing your child’s brain and for giving your child a solid foundation?

And the Scientific research has already proven that –

  • Children are born ready to learn.
  • Children cultivate 85 percent of their intellect, personality, and skills by age five.
  • Preschool years are the time in which the brain begins to maximize efficiency by determining which connections to keep and which to eliminate.
  • The brain operates on a “use it or lose it” principle.
  • And surprisingly, at just 18 months of age, disparities in vocabulary begin to appear

Well, here implicitly, the scientific research seems to be talking about that educating children early is possible, in fact, very early, isn’t it?

Now the question arises, why doesn’t it get implemented in the real life say at the age of 6 months?

Sounds crazy, isn’t it?

Well in the real life –
Whenever we use the word Education,
Two things come to our mind.

Education means
“Formal or School Education”.

Education means
“Lots of Stress & Pressure”.

People strongly believe that educating children too early is all about pressuring their brain when it is their time to play and have fun.

Guess what? They are right.


What if we take the Pressure and Formal Education OUT of the Early Childhood Education?


What are we left with –
Happy Little Smarty Children!

But that is a dream, isn’t it?
Yes, it is!

And that is what we have discovered at SKParenting by turning this dream into reality.

At SKParenting –
We found out Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Early Childhood Education (ECE), in fact, go hand in hand. And the combination is highly effective.

ECD + ECE = Physical + Social + Emotional + Cognitive Development

At SKParenting, we believe –
Early Childhood Education starts from baby’s first day. And we call it

Very Early Childhood Education (VECE)

Let me share with you a real-life example of a 2 to 3-year-old child Aurius Guran who can:

  • Count 1-1000 in forward & reverse order
  • Identify and name 70+ fruit & vegetables
  • Identify 15+ colours
  • Identify & name mostly all 2D & 3D shapes
  • Spell 100s of big English words
  • Read complex large numbers
  • Read English books
  • Add & subtract numbers
  • Count, Read, & Identify 1 to 10,000 in Chinese Mandarin,
    the list goes on…
    You can Check yourself at SmartyKids YouTube

If you wonder how we did it.

Well, at SKParenting – We have defined a simple and unique process covering the aspects of Early Childhood Development & Very Early Childhood Education that we cover in detail during our workshops where we educate & empower parents.

One of the best parts of the SKParenting process is that it will work only if you follow it within the following simple but hard-to-believe principles and without any excuse –

1) Don’t force or push the child to learn
2) Don’t compromise on the fun of childhood
3) Don’t compare your child to anyone
4) Don’t put any sort of pressure on the child
5) Don’t have any expectation from the child
6) No Formal Education
7) No Deadlines or time-limits

Isn’t it Counter-Intuitive?

I know it is very hard-to-believe.
But it is true.
And that’s what makes us unique.

SKParenting Process-Based Workshop will also help

  • To develop a deeper parent-child bond
  • To identify a child’s potential
  • To unleash the child’s creativity
  • To utilize the limited time available effectively with children
  • To make parenting enjoyable and de-stress parents

Our workshops are very simple to understand and you don’t need a degree to attend our workshops.

First, We Prepare Parents,
Later, Parents prepare their child!

The journey starts from you, my dear parents!

Create an early differentiator for your child today because these golden years will never come back!

Remember SKParenting mantra:


Every child has POTENTIAL.

Do not underestimate it ! 

Do not waste it !

Make Your Children Shine!
Make Your Children Smarty Children!

So, Join the fast-growing list of parents & create a difference in your and your child’s life.

Register your interest for a one-of-its-kind workshop at SmartyKidsParenting.com