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June 20, 2018

Parenting Alert – Begin Early To Get Effective

 With changing times, came the concept of being different, being at the top and being the best — even when it meant being complicated. In such times, a Mother Duck gave birth to her baby duckling. She provided the baby duckling all the luxury and resources she could manage. Mother Duck would take pride in all the compliments her baby would receive from fellow Duck moms. 

Then one day, the Duckling refused to be part of the pond. This time Mother Duck lost her mind. She…Read more

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Aurius is an inspiration and it is fun to watch him. The tips and tricks are extremely useful to make learning fun for my child. Also, I liked how candid the website is. It is honest and talks about real issues we face as parents.

Kids Parenting Tips Workshops

Swati Verma

A Published Academic Author & a mother of 3-year-old


Swati Verma

A Published Academic Author & a mother of 3-year-old

Kids Parenting Tips Workshops

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