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Learn Random Big Numbers with Aurius
Learn Random Big Numbers with Aurius Flashcards and Uno make life awesome for Aurius and his mom. Try the game to spark an interest in your child for identifying bigger numbers. Maths becomes fun-finally!   https://youtu.be/5uF5Fn_022g
Learn Spelling English Words with Aurius
Learn English Word Spellings with Aurius Aurius Guran is no ordinary kid and your kid too could be like him if he is taught spellings this way. From basic Animals names to tough color shades, the little genius sails through longer spellings like a breeze.   https://youtu.be/x5B6W_nt-Zw
Learn Spell Fruit and Vegetables with Aurius
Learn Fruit and Vegetables with Aurius Teaching your preschooler fruit and vegetable names become smoother than you dreamt. With rubber toys and a fun identification game, Aurius reveals that even tough names are easy to spell.   https://youtu.be/WkAhxjsn36w
Kids One Digit Numbers Educational Video Aurius
Learn Spellings & Counting One-Digit Numbers Aurius Guran reveals that maths can be frothy from preschooling age. With help from mommy, he has gotten able to spell numbers as well as identify them. How about making your child do the same?   https://youtu.be/KRU7dTUjgeg
Learn Reverse Counting Numbers 100 to 0 with Aurius
Reverse Count 100 to 0 with 2-year-old Aurius Guran Get agile with numbers like genius Aurius is. Why just teach straight counting? Try reverse counting and improve your child's memory with maths off the hook.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWjnt_KTJbE  

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